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The Oaks Farms Brangus

March 22nd 2014:
The Oaks Farm selling 3 heifers at the Salacoa Valley Farms Customer Appreciation Sale in Fairmount, Georgia.

Catcha Lookin
Lot 50: Oaks Ms Online Catcha Lookin 40A1

(VF-Oaks Online 918Y3 X SF Miss Next Step 40U5) Catalog Page 16

Lot 62: Oaks Ms Online 607A36

(VF-Oaks Online 918Y3 X Oaks Ms Navarro 607Y) Catalog Page 19

Lot 54: Oaks Ms Hombre 392A42

(CB Hombre 541T3 X CCC MS Csonka 392U38) Catalog Page 17

View our cattle selling at the Salacoa Valley Farms Customer Appreciation Sale
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January 2014:
See us in Nashville, Tennessee, February 4-7 at the Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show in Booth 1581. Stop by to register to win a $1500 credit for a bull purchase in the Fall 2014 Sale.
January 2014:
The Oaks Ms Csonka 541T7 (Csonka of Brinks 30R4 X Brinks GD Fortune 541P103) is headed to the Grand Ballroom in Houston, Texas. We feel she could be the best Brangus female in the breed! T7 is selling open and ready to flush at IVPCAS-Elite Brangus Female Sale at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Houston, Texas on Thursday, March 6. View her sale ad on the menu us if you have any questions.