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Rew River Bred Heifers


We are committed to producing strong Brangus bulls that work for both the purebred and commercial cattleman, increasing your profit potential by adding pounds, quality grade, and maternal traits. Our approach and philosophy has been continuous improvement.


We supply affordable, dependable and proven genetics backed by The Oaks Farms Cattlemen’s Guarantee. We also strive to provide the best customer service to our buyers before and after the sale


Cattle are predictable, productive, efficient, and profitable. They exhibit a combination of sound conformation and good disposition. We keep our focus on the traits of value that will add $$$$$ to the bottom line.


We market our cattle across the domestic and international market. The Oaks Farms Bull Market has a bull to fit every need


Our cattle are backed by a cowherd designed to produce profits for all producers and are sired by the best Brangus genetics the breed has to offer.

Rew River Under the Tree

Oaks Bull Value$:

Because 80% of herd improvement is directly attributable to bull selection and the bull will influence the production of the herd for up to 10 years or more…we take the BULL selection very seriously. We breed The Oaks bulls to have tremendous…EPD Value, Bred-in Maternal Value, Strong Genetic Value, Efficiency Value and Economic Value.

Oaks Female Value$:

We breed the best-proven cow family genetics capable of achieving our goals. They are balanced with the ability to consistently breed fertility, Brangus breed character, and structural correctness. And by all means each cow is a “good mama cow” and a “good milking female.”

Our Farm:

Being good stewards of the land on which we raise our cattle. Land stewardship has always been a priority and essential to the long term success and health of our ranching operation. We treat the land and our cattle with respect and care.

Our Program:

Investing in The Oaks Farms Performance Program and its Brangus cattle give you a better return on your investment.

We look forward to a lasting friendship with your outfit.